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Match to Marriage

Introducing “Match to Marriage”, the dynamic second instalment of
The Halal Wave Series report. Explore the world of Muslim matchmaking from the lens of Muslims in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the United Kingdom and Germany in their quest for marriage while uncovering modern challenges, solutions and growing trends that shape their approach to finding 'the one'.

About Us

Halal Wave is a global intelligence unit dedicated to observing and analysing
the growing influence of the global Muslim markets. 


Powered by TBWA\Asia, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur,
the unit is fuelled by passion and curiosity of a multi-discipline team of data, insight, and
strategy specialists with a mission to understand, unravel and help brands connect and
capture the influential 1.9 billion Muslim audience across categories where the demand
of the Muslim consumers is most prominent.


Ride this wave of change as we navigate the unique intersection of faith and
religious sensibilities, identity, technology and more. We welcome everyone to join
in the conversations, share ideas, get inspired and be together under a truly global hub.

Our Capabilities


Intelligence and
Insight Gathering

In collaboration with our sister collective, 65dB Kuala Lumpur, the audience intelligence arm of TBWA, we leverage the power of social listening and consumer research to turn real audience conversations into the heart of brands’ strategic capabilities.



With a deep understanding and genuine interest in the Muslim world, we deploy strategies that are deeply rooted in the realities of our audience. Only then can we unlock interesting opportunities for our clients to meaningfully engage with these audiences.

Thought Leadership

Through our flagship The Halal Wave Series report and insightful opinion pieces, we demonstrate our thought leadership expertise and intelligent discoveries surrounding the Muslim audience and within the halal space — from banking to fashion, travel to cosmetics, media to tech, and more.

Our Team

The Halal Wave team comprises a group of multi-disciplinary talents, who specialises in culture, data, social listening and strategy, combined with a deep interest and passion for the Muslim audience experience.


Led by Nazirah Ashari (Head of 65dB Kuala Lumpur, strategy director of Halal Wave at TBWA\Asia), the Halal Wave team brings together first-hand experiences of its Muslim members with specialists from diverse creeds and disciplines.


We are unapologetically diverse, multi-ethnic and global. Together, we unpack insights and capture trends and opportunities for our clients to meaningfully engage with the Muslim world.

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Our Brands

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